about this. For these two people, Jiang Biyao was actually quite satisfied with what happened this time. The idea of ??a marriage between the Jiang family and Hao Jing was also given up. Among the two, Jiang Biyao had to choose one carefully.

Wang Meng ate the dinner sent by Wan’er. Today’s portion was particularly generous.
“Master, actually the young lady has many suitors, but there are only two who are more powerful, Zhe Wulei and Wu Yuan.”
“Oh, isn’t that good? It means that your young lady is attractive.” Wang Meng is a man who eats all kinds of things. He is a man of iron rice and steel, and his small body makes him hungry at every turn.
(I’m hungry, the date for Tiantian Xiangshang has been set, it’s the 22nd, next Friday^_^)
/Five hundred and eighty-three, you fight for it
“I’m serious! In three days, it will be the young lady’s birthday. The young master cannot be unprepared. You want to break other people’s prejudices. I support you!” Wan’er’s end is bigger than Wang Meng’s.
“Zhe Wulei is the young master of the Zhe family. Wu Yuan is not from Wangcheng. He is a genius alchemist from the Alchemy Alliance. It is said that he is a noble of Yanjin City.”
Yanjin City was the capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty and had a special status. Although it was not as good as Haojing, it was still out of reach in a border town like Wangcheng. However, the sky was high in Wangcheng and the emperor was far away, and the Zhe family was not a soft persimmon.
“Anyway, young master, you must be careful about these two people at the young lady’s birthday party. Forget about it, I have to accompany the young lady to the boat party.” Wan’er talked for a long time before she remembered what Jiang Biyao had mentioned to her. At the boat party, he quickly disappeared again.
Wang Meng smiled and ate the food sent by Wan’er. After a tiring day, everything tasted delicious. After eating, Wang Meng also fell asleep. As for the young master of the Zhe family, Zhe Wu Lei, Wu Yuan, the genius alchemist from Yanjin City, completely used the left ear to go in and the right ear to go out, gently without leaving any trace.
While Wang Meng was practicing Kungfu, on the Taibai River ten miles away from Wangcheng, a gorgeous boat covered with colorful glazed lanterns was parked on the shore. The bow of the boat was carved with a dragon head, and the stern of the boat was a long tail that reached into the sky. This was a A dragon boat can not only walk on the water, but also dive into the water and float into the air when necessary.
“Miss, it’s time to get on the boat! Let’s get there quickly!” Although Wan’er spent a day sightseeing and enjoying the mountains during the day, Wan’er became more energetic after seeing the dragon boat. After all, it was the child’s playful nature.
The arrival of Jiang Biyao. Definitely a ** for the cruising party.
“Miss Baguio, we are waiting for you as the protagonist, welcome.” The host of this boat party is an elegant middle-aged woman, although the years have taken away her youth. But it also retain