rshly. He took a few deep breaths, then paused, and slowly turned his head, with a trace of embarrassment on his face, “What, what four words should I say?”

rshly. He took a few deep breaths, then paused, and slowly turned his head, with a trace of embarrassment on his face, “What, what four words should I say?”
Li Yongsheng looked at the sky speechlessly,
/Zhao Bo was in You. He came back at the end of the day, with an excited look on his face. He pulled Li Yongsheng aside and whispered, “Eunuch Ning wants to see you.”
After he went to Ning Mansion, the guard was going to kick him out, so he said I was Li Yongsheng’s friend. Li ran into some trouble and asked me to ask Eunuch Ning for help – he must meet in person.
Then he went in. Of course, his body would be carefully searched.
However, Eunuch Ning was not here and came back before dinner, and then met him. Eunuch Ning seemed to understand these four words, but he still wanted to see Li Yongsheng in the evening.
Li Yongsheng pointed to his feet, “Come here?”
Zhao Bo smiled and shook his head, “Red Rock Beach in the northern suburbs.”
Li Yongsheng glanced at him sideways, “Are you going to follow?”
“It would be best if you can follow me,” Zhao Bo laughed sarcastically and rubbed his hands again. “I’m going to summon someone to help you look after the house.”
He was very capable. Not only did he recruit people, but he also got two horses. He held a greased paper bag in his hand and said with a dry smile, “I haven’t had dinner yet. I’m here.” Eat again.”
With Zhao Bo around, the two of them moved very fast, especially when they were leaving the city. He showed his policeman’s badge and said he was on business, but the guard at the gate didn’t even ask about Li Yongsheng’s identity.
Red Rock Beach is an open area with a very wide field of vision. Among the white snow, two small black spots are really eye-catching.
The weather is extremely cold. Occasionally, a gust of wind blows and rolls up pieces of snow particles into the sky, hitting people’s faces, causing pain like a knife.
The two placed the two horses in front of them to block the wind, and moved two big rocks to sit down. Zhao Bo took out the oil paper bag from his arms, grabbed a big warm bun, and handed it over, “Want one? ”
I’ve eaten,” Li Yongsheng shook his head to express his refusal.
But after a while, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He went to the fields to enjoy the wind in the winter. He didn’t know what Ning Zhiyuan was doing. “I remember that you like drinking. Did you bring any wine?”
“Yes, there is wine. ” “Zhao Bo ate four buns and felt even hungrier. Hearing his question, he stood up and took out a leather bag from the luggage on the horse, “It’s too cold to put it in a jar, it will explode. “Yes.”
Then he took out another oil paper bag from his arms and said, “The roast chicken is hot too, come on, half for each person.”
Li Yongsheng stared at his lapel in surprise. Didn’t you also hide a storage bag there?
The chicken is a good big rooster, but for two young and powerful cultivators, it only takes a few bites. Zhao Bo is even more amazing, even chewing the chicken bones and swallowing them – this is not the k