Ying came to the top of the mountain, he saw the words “Xuandu Qibao Palace” written on the door outside the palace. The writing was extremely clumsy and charming.

There is also a huge sacred tree outside this palace. Unfortunately, it has been broken at the waist, but the tree stump still looks like a small hill, which is very spectacular.
In the palace, the light was dim, and bursts of Taoist sounds were heard.
Xu Ying felt a little dazed when he heard the sound of Dao. Unconsciously, another memory revived from the ancient seal. He saw his eighteen or nineteen-year-old self walking through his body and entering the Qibao Palace in Xuandu.
“The supreme king of the ancient era, Wuji Xuhuang Daojun, no longer exists?”
/He heard his own voice coming, “Master Xuhuang Dao, I borrowed your precious land to enlighten myself, and I will be rewarded in the future.”
The emperor sits there, mobilizing his soul. Behind him, the avenue is like a wheel. The wheel rotates, and there are twelve wheels running through the wheel. Among the twelve wheels, there is an emperor, who is his external incarnation.
He created the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Demon-Destroying Technique, but he had already surpassed the scope of this technique and reached a higher level.
Now he has cultivated to the point where the Twelve Wheels of Path have been perfected.
The emperor strives to reach a higher realm, but his realm is always blocked and it is difficult to continue.
“The Immortal Realm is overcrowded with immortals, and the resources in the Immortal Realm have been owned for a long time. The resources I have now make it difficult for me to go any further.”
The emperor sighed, opened his eyes, and said quietly, “If I want to go further, someone must fall from above. If no one falls, if this seat is vacant, I will never try to climb up.”
/Suddenly, he had a sudden impulse and his expression suddenly changed: “My Purple Netherworld Sword! Bastard, what a bastard! Wu Sansi, Bai Yuchuan, you really don’t let me worry!”
He stood up suddenly, murderous in the sky, and then realized something was wrong. He immediately suppressed the demonic nature in Tao’s heart, sat cross-legged, closed his eyes and concentrated.
After a while, he extracted the demonic nature in Tao’s heart, and with a flick of his finger, a black light shot through the air and fell to the Wei Ruins in the lower world.
When the black light fell into Wei Rui, it turned into a demon, waiting for an opportunity to enter the mortal world.
However, there are heavenly demons everywhere in the Wei Ruins, which is not a place where he can show off his evil. Moreover, the sky cracks from time to time, and black lights fly from the fairy world, and they are also heavenly demons.
The demonic nature that the immortals cut off during their cultivation was all thrown here.
The emperor regained his composure and said: “A small impatience will mess up a big plan. I am staring at the top, but there are countless pairs of eyes below me staring at my seat. I can’t make mista