ed to him.

The truth is the same as what the Great Heavenly Lord thinks. If the Great Heavenly Lord wins, all his actions will cease to exist.
With an undefeated will and a belief in victory, the brilliance of this punch cannot be described in words.
It was like the God’s ax that opened the sky cut through the eternal chaos, countless visions came and went, the earth, fire, water and wind rolled endlessly, and a vast and immeasurable prehistoric universe was opened up.
When a thought arises, heaven and earth follow;
One thought is born, and one world is formed.
This punch is the ultimate that Daluo Jinxian can achieve. Because Lu Bei has all the ways merged into one body, he swallowed all the laws with the magical power of the Demon Lord, and was able to push himself to the extreme.
The same is true for the Great Heavenly Lord, who is also the ultimate Great Luo Jinxian.
The two figures collided in the ancient universe, overturning the world they were born in. The world was created and destroyed overnight. Both marveled at the perfection of the other, and their murderous intentions skyrocketed, and they were full of greed for everything about the other.
/If the two of them merge at this time, Tiandao, who is hiding and shivering, will become a puppet and will never be able to stand up again.
Lu Bei didn’t want to, and it was even more impossible for the Great Heavenly Lord. This lineage had a domineering and arrogant nature engraved in their bones. Either they don’t want it, or they want the best.
Either you don’t have it, and if you have it, it’s impossible to share it with others!
When the fist opens, the world is born; when the fist falls, the world dies.
The two most powerful battles set off waves of the sea of ??chaos, and a single strike can severely damage endless time and space. The way of heaven is carefully maintained, trying to make up for the long river of time, but finally failed and chose to give up completely.
Love as you please, so be it!
Open up!
Although Tiandao was unwise, he had seen the future. He could not resist, and because of his ruthlessness, he quickly acted after confirming that things must not be violated.
There was no time or years in the chaos, and the two strongest men had been fighting for who knows how long.
The Dharma of the Great Heavenly Lord was shattered, and the ten-eyed demon collapsed. The tides ebb and flow, creating and destroying the world again and again. The two of them perfected themselves through each other’s hands, and they have become familiar with each other to an incomparable degree.
At this time, the Great Heavenly Lord said that he understood Lu Bei best in the world, and Lu Bei’s wings could only stand aside. Together, their understanding of Lu Bei was not as good as that of the Great Heavenly Lord.
Lu Bei felt something in his heart. In the process of fighting with the Great Heavenly Lord, he learned and obtained everything about the other party little by little. Although he did not merge with each other, he was roughly similar to Xiangrung