or Ji Sect was aware of the Dragon Trap Formation and planned it in advance to gain more benefits.

The way the order was doubled today is the most powerful proof.
Although the basic elixir is not precious and can be easily refined by ordinary monks if they have the elixir recipe, its value is equivalent to rice, salt, and iron. Once the quantity reaches a certain standard, it is infinitely close to strategic materials.
Dashengguan’s move was precisely to reserve strategic materials.
/“If the predictions are correct, not only Sanqing Peak, but also the alchemy rooms in Dashengguan will also stay up late and work overtime in the near future.”
“Not only did they notice the Dragon Trap Formation, but they also found out that the Iron Sword Alliance was planning to rebel.”
/“No wonder the Iron Sword Alliance was defeated like a mountain by both Wu Zhou and Emperor Ji Zong. They made plans half a year in advance and the defeat was unjust.”
Lu Bei sighed. The Iron Sword Alliance has forces all over the world, and there is an extremely powerful backbone such as the Tianjian Sect. The Emperor Ji Sect is completely justified by looking at the data on paper. Such an ending can only be said to be a failure in terms of vision.
Failure on a strategic level.
Five days later, the time came to mid-January 825 of Wuzhou, and the public beta was nearly two months old.
The Zhu family merchants transported the Qiankun bag full of basic elixirs and delivered a large amount of alchemy raw materials. Lu Bei received 10 million experience points from the task settlement, and the accumulated experience in the inventory reached 30 million.
It seems like a lot, but if you really want to do it, it’s completely effortless.
It’s not anyone else’s fault for this, it’s Lu Bei’s own fault. He practiced too hard and upgraded too fast. The original plan couldn’t keep up with the changes, and the 10 million experience per month was no longer good.
“Save it now, and then spend it all at once when you get 50 million next month.”
As more and more experience is consumed in upgrading the skills, Lu Bei can’t help but covet the players of high-level mountain sects. In the early stage, it is very frustrating to follow the steps step by step. In the later stage, if you stand out and obtain the experience book, you can greatly shorten the upgrade cycle, and you can also participate directly with your status as a mountain sect. For major events, experience points are gained based on contribution.
“The Chinese New Year is almost here. Hurry up and write a letter to your godmother, and ask Hu San to send you some gifts.”
Lu Bei has no intention of setting foot in the land of tigers and wolves in the capital. If he goes there, he will be abused by others, so he just wishes him a happy New Year in person.
But a letter of filial piety that touches heaven and earth is indispensable, as is a gift. If Hu Er thinks of him as a filial piety, he will definitely give him an experience book or something in return.
The requirements are not high, just send him