lesh and blood, but it was not restricted by flesh and blood. The perfect fusion of the soul, under the protection of the small world, transcending limits, and even not being bound by the rules of heaven and earth in some areas, is his most proud magical power.

Mei Wangsu regarded this move as a secret skill and kept it in reserve, and has not passed it on to any of his disciples so far.
As a closed disciple, the younger junior brother Wen Bubei has not received the inheritance and can only rely on his qualifications to make up for it.
Clang! !
The black and white swords collided, creating turbulence in the space. The two of them fought into the black void. The terrifying destructive power remained, shaking the small world in the distance to pieces. The remaining half of the wildlife reserve was about to be destroyed. No guarantee.
Lu Bei withdrew and retreated. In order to stabilize the small world, he took out the Double Mysterious Treasure Map and spread it across the sky.
/Black and white merged into the small world. In an instant, the world reopened, the five elements and five phenomena came one after another, the mountains, rivers and seas reorganized, expanding crazily at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Mei Wangsu was horrified when he saw it. As he said before, he had never seen anything like this in his many years of practice. This was the first time he was in such an outrageous Void Refining Realm.
Without thinking too much, he took a step forward, raised his sword to split the void, and the black sword peak slashed down hard, striking Lu Bei’s shoulder and arm hard.
The sword blade cut down with silky smoothness, cutting Lu Bei in half diagonally.
Without waiting for Mei Wangsu to react, the white sword light struck behind him. Lu Bei stepped out of the air. Su Chen’s sword breathed out strong sword intent, breaking through Mei Wangsu’s proud innate sword body with one blow, and penetrated the kidney from the lower back. Then, the sword tip came out of the body.
In this process, Mei Wangsu’s small world was nothing more than a decoration, her resistance was weak, and her early warning was too slow.
The Immortal Sword Intent exploded with a bang, flying away large pieces of flesh and blood.
Lu Bei narrowed his eyes slightly, and stabbed the Phoenix Arrow tightly in his other hand, passing through the other side of Mei Wangsu’s lower back. As the fireball expanded, he was bathed in the sea of ??fire together with it.
The hot wind blew by, and the two were fighting again, but this time, the scene was a bit indecent.
Two naked men were fencing, one had a ferocious face, and the other had a twisted face. They both tried their best, but neither could do anything to the other.
Ding! ! !
The two swords collided, their eyes met, and they both shouted loudly at the same time. Mei Wangsu shouted loudly, but it was useless. He was not as strong as Lu Bei. He was forced to retreat all the way, and the anger in his heart seemed to reach the limit.
He is the head of the Lingxiao Sword Sect’s