ention to Xianyu?

This is the mouthpiece of the literary and art world, an official department established to manage artists!
Including the season list, various awards in the novel world, etc., are all sponsored by the Literary and Art Association!
How many people are seriously considering the possibility of absorbing Xianyu in the department they want to join?
As a result, it was not directly absorbed, or was it because Xianyu was too young?
If we continue to develop, will we still get this fish in the future?
Xiao Wang shivered and began to wonder if there would be an opportunity in the future to see if he could have contact with this mysterious fish.
“Is he Xianyu?”
“College Students?”
“I understand what you said. As a child, he likes music, poetry and culture, and he likes to combine them. There is no problem.”
“It’s a good seedling.”
“To be able to write such poetry at such a young age is a genius.”
“I like his sentence very much, ‘I urge you to drink one more glass of wine, and there will be no old friends when you leave Yangguan in the west.’ But I don’t know where Yangguan is? Is it the one in Chu or the one in Wei?”
“In a few years, we can include him in the group. Good young people need to be protected, you know?”
/Said a group member whose ID was garbled.
One of the representatives of the literary and art association quickly replied. Obviously, the identity of this group member with a garbled ID is not simple:
“That’s for sure. Such a good seedling will not let him grow crooked. The Literary and Art Association will still need talents like him in the future.”
“Besides, don’t the textbooks need to be re-edited?”
“There are still some things, let’s chat privately”
In this group, it may seem like small talk, but the impact on the outside world is huge!
Just after chatting about “Xianyu” in the group for about two hours.
On the official blog of the Literary and Art Association, the song “May People Live Longer” was suddenly forwarded.
The accompanying text is:
“The lyrics are created strictly in accordance with the rhythm of ancient poetry. The name of the lyrics is “Shui Tiao Ge Tou”. When will the bright moon come, chanting to the moon should be the top!”
Immediately afterwards.
The Home account with Blue Star as its avatar retweeted: “Good!”
Official seal, the final word!
All discussions about how excellent the lyrics of “May I Live Forever” were silenced with the official conclusion of the Literary and Art Association.
The top of chanting the moon!
The official conclusion is better than the praise of all lyricists and the lofty talk of all netizens!
at the same time.
on the season leaderboard.
Many people felt like their throats were being blocked before they had time to react. A certain music dad spoke out everyone’s thoughts in a moment of trance:
“Twilight of the Gods”
What Enter the Dragon?
What kind of fight between gods?
The fierce battle that the industry was looking forward to, the scene where the top music industry figures would fight to the bitter end