ked back at Chen Zhiyu:

“Are you nervous?”
Chen Zhiyu said cautiously: “I’m afraid of dragging down Teacher Xianyu. After all, my level is not outstanding.”
Although there will be no eliminations in the early stages of the show, Chen Zhiyu will still panic if Xianyu loses the duel due to his lack of strength.
Lin Yuan thought for a while and said, “This is a relaxing song.”
Chen Zhiyu nodded, but the nervousness did not disappear.
In this competition, it does not mean that whoever has strong composing ability will definitely win.
The result of the competition also has a lot to do with the singer chosen by the composers.
Is Yang Zhongming awesome?
But if Yang Zhongming is assigned the weakest singer in the audience, can Yang Zhongming still guarantee his victory?
The suspense is too great.
Although Chen Zhiyu is not the weakest performer in the show, his overall strength can only be regarded as mid-range among singers, so it is normal for him to worry about becoming a drag on Xianyu.
Lin Yuan was silent.
It wasn’t until he entered the room that he looked at Chen Zhiyu seriously and said, “Have you heard of this sentence?”
“There are no trash heroes, only trash summoners!”
Chen Zhiyu:? ? ?
/Seeing that Chen Zhiyu couldn’t understand, Lin Yuan changed his expression:
“There is no perfect music in the world, and there is no strongest singer. This stage is all about letting the right people sing the right songs.”
For this show, Lin Yuan plans to choose singers based on song style, rather than based on the singer’s performance.
Since Chen Zhiyu is suitable for the song he is preparing next, of course he should let Chen Zhiyu sing it.
This has nothing to do with whether Chen Zhiyu is a first-line singer.
But when the song is not picky and anyone can sing it with good results, Lin Yuan will also take care of Sun Yaohuo and others.
Lin Yuan’s room is pink.
When he entered, Lin Yuan was “fanned” for a moment.
Chen Zhiyu laughed: “Are other teachers’ rooms also pink?”
“No, the color of each room is different.”
The staff member who led the way laughed and said: “Because Mr. Xianyu was too cold in “The King of Masked Singer”, the program team wanted to use this warm color to neutralize it.”
Lin Yuan:
There are so many warm colors, but why is it pink? It feels like Da Yaoyao’s room, completely pink.
I didn’t compete with the color.
After Lin Yuan sat down, he took out the song he had prepared: “Practice this song.”
Chen Zhiyu’s breathing quickened slightly.
He is looking forward to it very much!
When Chen Zhiyu saw the song title, he was stunned for a moment: “This song title”
Lin Yuan said: “According to the situation.”
The name of this song is, “Our Song”, and the original singer is Earth singer Wang Lihong!
It’s exactly the same as the name of the show.
Chen Zhiyu’s voice is very suitable for singing jazz, hip-hop and rock, but it is not heavy rock, but the more relaxed and cheerful type.
Obviously, Wang Lihong’s “Our Song” is very suitable for Chen Zhiyu.