iche to compose a theme song for a novel?”

“If this song wants to hit the top spot in June, it must satisfy both book fans and listeners who have not read the novel. Isn’t this too difficult?”
“Perhaps Xianyu wants to take advantage of Holmes’ popularity to hit the charts?”
“This is a good idea. After all, the popularity of Holmes is an intangible foundation, but it also increases the difficulty of song creation. If you want to take care of both sides, it’s easy to focus on one and lose the other!”
/“I think of “Once Upon a Time”. Wasn’t that song written by Father Yu for Chu Kuang’s novel?”
“Yes, “Once Upon a Time” is an example. Although this song is very nice, with the quality of this song, it is still a bit reluctant to reach the top of the current season chart, especially when Fish Daddy has to ensure that he On the premise of firmly winning the championship song in June!”
If it were normal, netizens would be happy to see Chu Kuang and Xianyu link up, but Xianyu has already made it clear that he wants to win the 12th consecutive championship, so this song is a bit unsafe!
Because of this statement.
/More and more people are joining the discussion.
The musician named Xiangyang Beitai saw that his remarks attracted the attention of netizens and became active:
“The core audience for music with the theme of Sherlock Holmes is obviously Sherlock Holmes fans. This group of fans can support a considerable amount of downloads. Coupled with Mr. Xianyu’s contribution to Sherlock Holmes, the number of downloads will definitely be higher, but there are also disadvantages. Obviously, Mr. Xianyu has fixed himself in a circle. His goal is to reach the top in June. This goal cannot be achieved only by the support of Sherlock Holmes fans, unless countless people who have not read the novel also like this song. , and this requires the popularity of Mr. Xianyu’s song to break through the circle and then go out of the circle. Isn’t this too difficult? That’s why I say that Xianyu’s decision is a bit risky. I hope Mr. Xianyu can consider it carefully. , after all, I also look forward to Teacher Xianyu continuing to win the championship!”
The musician did not disparage Xianyu.
He just expresses his opinion objectively.
This kind of remarks did not cause dissatisfaction among fans of Xianyu and Chu Kuang. Instead, they gained countless approvals. Some people even went to the dynamic comment area of ​​Xianyu’s new song in June to leave messages, hoping that Xianyu could keep a steady hand.
After all, it’s so hard to get out of the circle!
It is not an easy task to satisfy both Sherlock Holmes fans and ordinary fans at the same time!
Think Once Upon a Time.
The quality of that song is not ranked high among Xianyu’s works.
If it weren’t for the popularity of the novel, that song would even be at a middle or even lower level among Xianyu’s works!
This is the reason why Xianyu wants to take into account both the reader’s feelings and the fans’ experience, so there are certain restrictions on