stinguished guests to the hotel in person. I don’t mean to be disrespectful at all. I just know that you are very knowledgeable in calligraphy and painting. I happen to have a painting in the suite of this hotel that I like very much. I would like to invite you to this hotel.” Experts can help you taste it.”

This was a formal occasion, and Wang Xin spoke in a Zhaozhou style.
Fang Mokan and Miao Bai were stunned for a moment, then secretly laughed in their hearts.
Although this Wang Xin is from Zhaozhou, he is a well-known nouveau riche in the Blue Star wealthy circle. He likes to be arty, but in fact he has no artistic ability.
What can such a person see that is good to draw?
And it’s a painting placed in a hotel?
With these thoughts passing through their minds, the two of them curled their lips, but didn’t say anything more. They just casually walked to Wang Xin and looked at the paintings covering the entire wall behind the transparent glass.
Just this one look.
Miao Bai and Fang Mokan suddenly widened their eyes at the same time, as if they were struck by lightning!
in the screen.
Green hills are surrounded by ravines;
The waterfall hangs like the Milky Way from the Nine Heavens;
An eagle with fluttering wings flew from the clouds, its sharp eyes were breathtaking, as lifelike as if it was trying to break free from the painting!
A master of painting!
The pen and ink are horizontal and vertical!
Wang Xin smiled beside him.
The reaction of the two people was exactly what he expected. Last night, he stared at this painting for half the night and couldn’t put it down.
“What do you think of this painting, Mr. Miao?”
Feeling that time was almost up, Wang Xin suddenly spoke.
Miao Bai opened his mouth, with thousands of words in his heart. He didn’t know how to speak for a moment, but he couldn’t hide the shock and love in his eyes!
“What do you think, Director Fang?”
Wang Xin looked at Fang Mokan next to him.
Fang Mokan glanced at Miao Bai warily, suppressed the shock in his heart, coughed and said:
“This painting is not bad, but it is too polished in some places, but overall it is a good work. Fortunately, I am not a picky person, so I will buy this painting from the hotel soon.”
“Director Fang!”
Miao Bai’s heart skipped a beat and he said with a smile: “Since this painting is so ordinary, why not let me buy it? I like animals like eagles. As long as there is a painting of an eagle, I will basically buy it.” Everyone will buy it.”
“Don’t force Mr. Miao”
“Don’t force yourself, Mr. Fang.”
“This painting is not worthy of Dong Miao’s hand. The field of painting is actually very deep. I’m afraid that Dong Miao won’t be able to grasp it. Let me grasp it.”
“What Director Fang said, I just like eagles.”
“It’s a coincidence. I happen to have a painting of Zhaozhou’s famous painting at home. It depicts an eagle. It’s much better than this painting. I will send it to Mr. Miao later. I will buy this painting.”
“Fang Mokan, stop pretending!”
Miao Bai’s face became serious: “I am bound to