A group of men in black walked in front. Their movements were a bit wild. They directly stretched out their arms to block passers-by, or pushed them to the side. The range was too large, and they looked like they were bodyguards.

There is a woman behind wearing sunglasses. Although most of her face is covered, she seems to be really beautiful. However, the way she travels makes passersby dissatisfied.
“Why, this is everyone’s road, why do you have to let others give way when you travel!” someone shouted.
/Although there are many people here who are star-chasing and shouting the name of the new star, there are also many people who are very dissatisfied and think it is too much.
“What era are we in? Celebrities are amazing. With such a high profile, sooner or later it will be cold!” someone shouted.
However, a group of men in black remained unmoved and continued to work hard to separate the crowd and isolate a path.
Wang Xuan happened to meet him when he came here. At the same time, he was slightly surprised to see another person standing by the lake.
It was a woman. Her long skirt fluttered in the breeze, making her tall figure look even more amazing. Her hair was raised, and her face was fair and beautiful. With the cloud lake as the background, she looked quite charming.
It was Wu Yin. Wang Xuan’s deepest impression of her was that she had a very bad temper and a really good figure. She almost burst her evening dress when she was angry last time. Today, he saw her again in the old land.
Soon, Wang Xuan knew why she appeared here. The actress from Xinxing was obviously attracted to her. She seemed to know her and had an appointment.
Wu Yin frowned. She didn’t want to be noticed like this. She waved her hand to the actress. She didn’t want to meet here and become the scenery in other people’s eyes. She turned and walked away.
Objectively speaking, her charm is even more outstanding than that of the actress.
After Wang Xuan came here, he wanted to turn around and leave, but when he heard the exclamation, someone was almost squeezed into the lake, and he frowned immediately.
In particular, a little girl was pulled by a tall man in black and fell backwards. Wang Xuan couldn’t stand it, so he pushed aside several men in black, crossed them, and pulled the little girl up. There are so many people, and if someone steps on you, something could easily happen.
/Obviously, they were dissatisfied with Wang Xuan’s move of rushing in and pushing away several men in black. A row of men in black crowded over, thinking that he was provoking.
Wang Xuan took the little girl back a few steps, trying to send her out of the crowd to avoid being squeezed and bumped into.
“Get away from me!” he said quietly.
However, several men in black thought he was provoking further trouble, so they still pushed him and squeezed in with the crowd.
Wang Xuan originally didn’t want to be troublesome, but he couldn’t stand them, but if he was allowed to directly fight with these men in black, it would probably be a mess. In line with the pe