d, “Sorry, I made a mistake.”

But he looked back and immediately changed his mind: “I’m afraid it’s not my fault. The woman who was once chased by you and Wang Xuan appears. How much do you hate me? You didn’t even shoot me, but you have to face her. Shoot an arrow in your ass.”
Fudaoniu looked back and saw at a glance that the mysophobic Princess Qingling, who had been chasing her all the way, was still bathing in fresh flower petals, with the Gathering Immortal Flag hanging over her head. She held her treasured bow and pointed it at it again. .
“When my Lord Kong was here, I killed more than a dozen of your giant cities by myself. Now, why do you take it out on me? If you have the guts to wait for Lord Kong to come back, I will punch your Holy Emperor to death and trample you to death.” all!”
Fudao Niu’s temper has also increased. In the past, when it was in hell, it was unwilling to mention the Holy Emperor, the God of Heaven, and the Lord of Ashes. It was very afraid. Now it is forced to open its mouth in a hurry.
“Beef tongue, denim bones, and beef tendons are all delicious, don’t run away!” Fuyou, the tall bronze knight who pretended to be powerful, shouted while sitting on the golden lion.
Next to him, there was the City Lord Flying Centipede, whose body was chopped off by Fudao Niu. He was also speaking out.
“Kong Xuan is dead, why don’t you just capture the slaves and slaves in front of you? Kneel down to avoid the death penalty!”
/Leader Zhang naturally ignored them and ran all the way with Fudao Niu in his arms.
“Master Zhang, it’s not an illusion. I did hear Master Kong’s voice. He was calling me!” This time, Fudaoniu heard it clearly.
The main reason is that the distance is too far, and Wang Xuan’s “you” formula cannot transfer it away, but it can only be vaguely sensed.
Currently, Wang Xuan’s “you” tactic is only effective on people and things he has touched.
He once helped Fudao Niu sort out its muscles and bones and adjust its texture. This was a deep contact.
Therefore, the expression of Youzijue in it is more profound, and it is more real than the sound that Lao Zhang heard.
“I seem to have vaguely sensed it.” Lao Zhang nodded.
Mini Fudaoniu said: “Master Zhang, give full play to the power of your long legs this time. Run as fast as you want to buy me time. After a while, I will open the space-time gate in reverse, go to Master Kong, and unite our forces.” Here, beat these city lords and monsters from hell to death!”
Wang Xuan had determined that both Lao Zhang and Fudao Niu were alive, but in a worrying situation. He used the “you” formula on himself. In an instant, he disappeared from the place and suddenly appeared thousands of miles away.
Then, he disappeared again, just like that, the distance kept getting closer.
Then, he stopped and received feedback from Fudaoniu that they were going to open the space-time gate in reverse to come back, for fear of missing out.
/“What, he came out of the dusk wonders and is still alive?” Qing Ling stopped suddenly and said: “Notify the princ