: Shi Yongping.

Race: human.
Sex: Male.
Age: 66 years old.
Creature level: 2-star elite.
Introduction: He is the abbot of Bodhidharma Academy of Shaolin Temple in Songshan, China. He entered the temple at the age of 8 and was surrounded by inner demons and curses.
Attributes: (The average attribute value of a normal adult man is 10 points)
Strength: 16
Agility: 15
Constitution: 20
Intelligence: 15
/Perception: 21
Charisma: 12
Skills: Shaolin Arhat Fist (unfathomable), Powerful Vajra Hand (proficient), One Finger Zen (reached the ultimate), Iron Finger Zen Strength (reached the peak), Dragonfly Pointing Water Lifting Technique (proficient), Heart and Mind Qi Hunyuan Gong (reached the peak), The magical power of Vajra Indestructible Body (proficient in it), Shadow-like Legs (proficient in it), Bodhidharma Swordsmanship (proficient in it), Buddhist scriptures (unfathomable), Tea Ceremony (proficient in it), Go (proficient in it)
Special skills: Indestructible body, immovable Zen mind.
Evolution points: X (cannot accumulate evolution points)
Item held: Bodhi beads.
Amitabha! When Wei Xiaobei saw the old monk’s attribute list, he was a little stupid.
This is too perverted!
Wei Xiaobei was not surprised that the opponent’s biological level was a 2-star elite.
Just looking at his strong body under his thin monk robe, you can’t tell that he is still a 66-year-old man.
As the abbot of Bodhidharma Academy, um, also known as the head of the academy, he entered the temple at the age of 8. It has been 58 years now. The two-star elite is still a bit low. As for his attributes, he is different from ordinary people but still barely normal.
Unfathomable, reaching the pinnacle, being proficient in everything, among the 12 skills, none of them are below proficiency!
To be honest, regardless of the opponent’s poor attributes, once these skills of the opponent are unleashed, their combat power will probably not be weaker than that of an ordinary three-star monster, or even stronger!
Compared with his opponent, Wei Xiaobei felt that he was not working hard enough.
What caught Wei Xiaobei’s attention the most was the other party’s introduction.
In the last sentence of the introduction, it is pointed out that the head of the Bodhidharma Hall named Shi Yongping was cursed by inner demons.
Inner curse?
Well, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t explain how such a curse could appear in reality even if he used thousands of reasons.
The only explanation is that this old monk entered the gray world and was accidentally cursed!
In this way, it is easy to explain that the old monk knew about the gray world.
Knowing that Wei Xiaobei can enter the Gray Realm is also easy to explain. After all, as soon as Wei Xiaobei’s reputation increases, people like the old monk who can enter the Gray Realm can probably analyze a lot of things just by asking and analyzing. .
“Since the mage can enter the gray world, why should he come to ask for help?”
Wei Xiaobei calmed down and then asked.
“The poor monk is cursed by inner demons. Once he enters