i Xiaobei find some popularity.

“The God of Five Intentions has gone out! The God of Five Intentions has gone out! Believers should kneel down quickly! Kneel down quickly!”
Just when Wei Xiaobei entered the old city, he heard waves of high-pitched shouts coming from a distance.
Five-minded spirit traveling?
What’s this?
Wei Xiaobei knew that in this area there was still a custom of inviting the gods to parade on their birthdays.
But having said that, it is usually to invite the land, the city god, or the god of wealth, Mazu, and other gods who can bless your family’s wealth and safety.
After a few breaths, a group of people came from the far side of the street. They were dressed in five colors of red, yellow, blue, black, white and orange, and they were surrounded by five sedans carrying the gods!
This divine sedan is slightly smaller than a human sedan and has no roof. There is a tablet of the god in the middle, which is carried by four strong men.
There were teenagers holding small incense burners in front and behind. In front of the queue there was a person responsible for lighting firecrackers and scattering paper flowers. Behind them were two rows of men in black holding signs of silence and avoidance.
You know, in Wei Xiaobei’s hometown, although there are rituals to worship gods, there is no such custom of inviting gods to parade around the streets.
“Brother, what kind of god is this Five Mind God? Why haven’t you heard of it?”
Wei Xiaobei touched a middle-aged man in front of him and asked.
/“Shh! Keep your voice down!”
The middle-aged man was frightened when Wei Xiaobei touched him and made a gesture of silence. Then he hid in the crowd and explained to Wei Xiaobei in a low voice.
It turns out that this so-called Five-Mind God was not the god that the local people had been worshiping, but appeared more than a month ago.
According to the chief priest who worships the Five-Intention God, he received guidance from the Five-Intention God in a dream.
The five-minded god knows that the end of the world is coming, so he shows great mercy and saves all living beings. All believers who devoutly believe in the five-minded god can be saved in the end of the world.
But the middle-aged man knew the details of the chief priest of Wuyi Shen. In his words, the chief priest was not a good person. He was originally a liar and was imprisoned for several years.
/Now, in the name of the Five-Intention God, the chief priest has gathered a large group of gangsters to serve as the guardians of the Five-Intention God, and distributes the offerings of the Five-Intention God everywhere, causing everyone to complain.
But in this small county, there are not many believers in Wuyi God.
I won’t say much about those old men and aunties. It is easy to be fooled into it, and even many young people who are well-informed have been fooled into it.
Of course, this is not to say that the chief priest of the Five Intentions God is unparalleled in the world, but it is said that the Five Intentions God has given the chief priest