side the concierge downstairs. They were playing there while waiting for work. People in the building often asked them to run errands or shopping.

Hull casually pointed at a lanky boy of twelve or thirteen years old. Half a minute later, the boy ran up and rang the doorbell of the room.
Hull opened the door and handed the child a note and a silver coin. The note contained only an address and a few names.
The boy glanced at the note, wrinkled his freckle-covered nose and said, “Sir, this place is in the West District. It’s far away from here. Isn’t one dollar too cheap? How about another dollar?”
Hull shrugged his shoulders and took out another silver coin, but did not hand it over: “Little Slippery, if you can call someone here within an hour, this dollar will be yours. If it exceeds an hour, I will Use this dollar to hire another errand boy.”
“Don’t worry, sir, it won’t take half an hour.” With that, the little boy ran out.
Looking at the boy’s back, Hull shook his head. His previous life was just like that boy’s. He was poor but simple. He worked for a few silver coins every day, but he didn’t have to worry about this and that all day long like he does now. He didn’t even have to worry about that. Calculating and calculating.
Those children knew everything about Miscon, so their calculations would not be too inaccurate. Half an hour later, a taxi stopped downstairs, and several people got out of the carriage.
Hull gave the boy the promised silver coins and sent him away, taking the others into the room.
/“Mr. Klitman, it’s nice to meet you. How have you been during this time?” Hull asked the door. He had been looking at this person who was highly praised by the gears, but also criticized a lot.
“I am honored to be able to serve you.” Klitman nodded and said with a flattering look on his face.
/The image of this person is such that he will never achieve his goals in life, and the more such a person is, the more he wants to show off himself, so he is wearing a set of quite elegant clothes.
Hull also noticed several other people he had never seen before. Among them, there was one person who was the most inconspicuous and always walked at the end. He seemed to be unsociable and wore an old set of clothes. The edges of his windbreaker were all scratched. Already worn out.
The other two people, one is handsome. Although he is old, his temperament and behavior are quite noble and elegant. It can be seen that this person often attended gatherings of the upper class in the past, but his clothes are the most elegant among the few. Shabby.
Another slightly fat middle-aged man, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, looked like an ordinary civil servant who grabbed a lot of money.
These people are his think tanks. If he wants to create his own world, he needs the help of these people, so he does not dare to show any slight to everyone here.
“I’m Shim’er Harun, nice to meet you.” The handsome old man smiled and stretched out his hand. Hull had long noticed that the old man’s hand was missing three fingers. This