all off.”

all off.”
/I looked at him and said, “Generally, dying people don’t know that they are going to die before they die, just like mental patients who say they are not sick.”
After that, I stood up. I rang the alarm bell next to the prison and said to him at the same time: “You didn’t answer the third question, which means you still owe me one question. Before I leave, are you going to tell me or are you going to die like this?”
Wang Longchuan Still unable to believe that he would really die like this, or that I was blackmailing him, he thought for a while and finally said, “What is your third question?”
/I said, “Why does Wang Cheng have to die?”
Wang Longchuan Looking at me, he was silent for a second or two, and finally said: “Because he saw the murder scene.”
I looked at Wang Longchuan. Because I knew this was not the final answer, and there would be follow-ups to his words. Sure enough, Wang Longchuan continued: “He remembered the person in the car accident. And later he found that the person’s body had been frozen. He could have stayed out of the matter, but He got himself into it.”
I said: “You are talking about Han Wenzheng.”
Wang Longchuan said: “Yes.”
After hearing what he said, I seemed to have some clues, and I almost got the answer to the third question. The answer was that I was not talking. At this moment, Wang Longchuan could not hold his breath anymore. He said, “So, how are you going to kill me?” I
looked at him and said, “I remember the chat we just had. , it happened to talk about rats biting people’s bodies. You asked me if I could understand the fear?”
Suddenly hearing me mention this, Wang Longchuan felt a little uncomfortable, and I said: “Actually, I just I had dreamed of such a scene in my dream last night. The reality in the dream was as if a mouse was really biting my body. So after waking up from the dream, I have been thinking about a question, why So many rats would gather together and try their best to bite one person.”
Wang Longchuan looked at me with a stern face but did not speak. At this time, due to the alarm bell, the cell door had been opened, and I walked out of the cell. , the cell door closed again, I looked at him inside and said, “Look at the place you are in now, does it look like the iron cage you mentioned?”
Wang Longchuan was suddenly startled when he heard me say this. He shouted: “What did you say?!”
I said: “You ask me if I can understand that kind of fear. What I want to tell you is that although I have dreamed about it, I have never experienced it myself, so I can’t understand it, but You will understand soon, because you are about to experience something like this. I feel that for the vicious things you have done, hanging will not end your sins. Maybe this way will make you feel more at ease.”
Wang Longchuan kept looking at me, as if he was still confirming whether I was lying to him. I looked at my watch and said to him: “There’s still one hour left. I just asked a question that you didn’t answer, which is swarms of rats.” How did it ap