lthough the minor nobles wanted to flatter the Grand Duke, they were also unwilling to offend the future Grand Duke and avoided such things like tigers. What’s more, if the conditions are too bad, Lina and her son will not look down on them.

Under the arrangements of the Grand Duke of Kavadia, the Sith knight who accumulated a lot of military exploits soon made great progress and obtained the position of viscount.
Of course, you can have a title, but forget about the territory.
The land of Northern Xinjiang is basically monopolized by the five major families. It is not difficult for the Grand Duke of Kavadia to arrange a fiefdom for his son. The trouble is that Sith’s status as an illegitimate son cannot be recognized by the family.
/It is not impossible to forcefully arrange fiefdoms. But then you have to be prepared to lose your son in a certain orc invasion.
The nobles of the fiefdom have the responsibility to protect their land, but they cannot run away. Even if you can’t win, you have to hold on hard. If the reinforcements are just a little bit delayed, it will be a fate of death.
The original small and medium-sized nobles in Northern Xinjiang were tricked to death one after another in this way, and finally five major families were formed to jointly dominate Northern Xinjiang.
“Stop crying, Lina!”
/After all, he is not a heartless person, Kavadia reached out and hugged his lover to comfort him.
“Northern Xinjiang is not a kind place. The Felix family seems to be extremely prominent, but in fact it is a raging fire.
In recent years, although there have been constant wars in the North, they have only been minor conflicts. If you really encounter a full-scale invasion by orcs, you will know that the five major families in Northern Xinjiang are nothing.
After so many years of peace, it is estimated that the next large-scale invasion by orcs will not be too far away.
At this time, it is also a good thing to let the Sith jump out of the cage. Although the title is a little lower and the fiefdom is a little smaller, the land in the southeastern province is fertile and there is no threat from foreign enemies.
As long as you manage it carefully, a barony in the south may not be worse than a viscounty in the north.
Nobility and rank are all illusory. In this world, strength must speak for itself. Don’t be blinded by illusory things.
The five great dukes in Northern Xinjiang sound indeed majestic. But if I had a choice, I would rather become the Earl of the Twelve Lands of the Kingdom. ”
This is true. On the surface, the five major dukes in Northern Xinjiang have the largest fief area, the highest title, and the strongest strength. They are far superior to the nobles in other regions of the kingdom. In fact, they know their own suffering.
With their good neighbor, the orc, they lived in fear every day. I’m afraid that one day war will break out and everything I’m doing now will be ruined.
Back then, the ancestors drove out the small and medium-sized fiefdom nobles in the North regardless of their appearance