Among them, a large part was photographed on the bodies of “Living Corpse” Jason and “Ghost” Steve.
With a scream, the clothes on Jason’s side were torn, and white marks that kept getting darker appeared on his skin, as if blood was about to spill out.
For a living corpse as strong as steel, this was not a very effective damage, but for Jason, who was struggling to support himself, it was a call to death.
He could no longer hold on, and was quickly pulled into the gap of the bronze door by those weird and terrifying arms.
Jason’s screams spread far away, and the mysterious illusory door closed with a clang, completely swallowing up the second half of the sound and isolating it.
There was silence in the open space surrounded by the warehouse. “Living Corpse” Jason completely disappeared, as if he had never been born in this world.
“Resentful Soul” Steve’s eyes suddenly widened, he opened his mouth, and let out an angry scream:
As the voice echoed, Klein felt as if someone had hit him hard on the head. His vision became blurred, his breath was full of blood, and his eyes were blood red.
For a short time, his ears were filled with buzzing sounds, and he could no longer hear any other sounds.
After “Werewolf” Tyre sent the “Crimson Moon Crown”, he had grown black hair and sharp fangs all over his body. He was not immune to the impact at this time. He covered his ears in pain, and there were even words on the corners of his eyes and mouth. Blood flowed.
Maric, who should have taken the opportunity to catch him, was even more unbearable. The malice and desire suppressed by sedatives rebounded, and he almost lost control of the living corpse, and his expression became extremely distorted.
The weak Sharon also showed a painful expression under the screams of “Wraith Spirit” Steve, but she still closed her palms with difficulty, causing the wonderful light radiating there to be interrupted instantly, letting the mysterious and illusory bronze fan The color gate disappeared in front of me.
Klein knew it was not good, so he suppressed his headache, took a step back, and entered the fire. His figure quickly disappeared and flashed into the afterglow of a sudden and violent explosion in another direction.
He just jumped out and looked for a counterattack, but saw that Steve, a middle-aged man in a dark red cloak, did not chase him, but stopped in place, as if waiting for something.
Klein suddenly felt restless, his head felt dizzy, and his stomach spasmed.
He became weak quickly, but he didn’t know why.
Maric, who had just recovered from the scream, also appeared abnormal. He kept reaching out and scratching himself, as if he had uncontrollable itching on his body.
He gasped and scratched his clothes with his sharp nails that grew crazily, leaving white marks on his body. He scratched deeper and deeper, and he could see red leaching out bit by bit.
/Sharon fell to the ground, but could not stand up. Her blue eyes gradually lost focus, as if she could not see anything.