” Bishop Absolun said with a smile.

Although the brocade box was given, he still couldn’t stand up because his legs were still weak, so he kept his knees on the ground and waited for Lord Arthur to check the brocade box.
David was a little confused as to why the God of War gave him the box of cotton. In the battle between him and the God of War, neither side got any advantage, and there was no winner.
The God of War should not give any gifts, but the moment he opened the brocade box, David knew that this was not an item from the God of War.
Because half of the long beard in the brocade box still had the breath of the Zerg, but David didn’t recognize the long beard on the Zerg.
But this was not difficult for David. His mind reached the soul of the demigod ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’ in the Zerg world.
He entered the Zerg contact network through the soul of the demigod ‘Golden-Winged Beetle King’ and searched for information about this long beard.
David would not touch the long beard without finding out its precise purpose.
You must know that this was sent here by the God of War. No matter who it is related to, it is at least a god-level existence.
/It didn’t take long for David to find the origin of the long whiskers. It was one of a pair of thin whiskers of the ‘sensor beetle’. Seeing how long the remaining half of this one was, it was at least the king of ‘sensor beetles’. ‘.
The fourth-level ‘Sensor Beetle’ has no special combat power, but the ‘Sensor Beetle’ has a special talent.
They can conduct ultra-long-distance communication through their long whiskers. This method of communication can skip the scope of the Zerg communication network, but it can only communicate one-on-one and point-to-point.
The pair of long whiskers of the ‘Sensor Beetle’ are also extremely useful among the Zerg. By splitting the long whiskers in two and holding one on each side, ultra-long-distance communication can be achieved.
Of course, for the Zerg, within the Zerg world, this function can be achieved by using the Zerg contact network.
But the biggest role of the ‘Sensor Beetle’ is that it can achieve long-distance communication in other worlds through its long whiskers.
As for the long beard of the ‘Sensor Beetle King’, it can realize point-to-point contact between the two big worlds.
/David also guessed in his heart who sent this. Apart from the ‘Mother Queen’ who had a deal with the God of War, he could not think of any other Zerg god who would send this to him.
“Legend of Annabelle, help me deliver Bishop Absolun!” David said as he turned around and walked towards the interior of the castle.
Bishop Absolun saw Lord Arthur’s figure disappearing and could no longer feel Lord Arthur’s breath. Only then did he feel the strength of his legs return to his body.
“I’ll take you away!” Annabelle Legend also saw the situation of Bishop Absolon. She really didn’t want to see such a Bishop of the War Temple again.
Annabelle’s legendary spirit grabbed Bishop Absolun and brought him to the planet-level portal as quickly as poss