already returned to their home in New Washington City.

already returned to their home in New Washington City.
Walking into the familiar living room, he turned on the chandelier and looked at the time on the clock hanging on the wall. God Wu Li looked sideways at the beautiful female reporter beside him and said: “It’s already past three in the morning. I think it’s better to wait until tomorrow.” It’s time to meet your mother and give her a surprise early in the morning.
I’m going to bed. Good night, Ruili. I wish you a good dream.”
“Good night, Lisheng.” Ruili nodded, watching the black-haired young man walk towards her with a complicated expression. Stairs, I struggled to speak several times, but in the end I didn’t say anything.
Naturally, Zhang Lisheng didn’t know the hesitant look on his unrelated sister behind him. He strolled upstairs and returned to his room. He looked around as if he was in another world. He sighed inexplicably, took off his clothes, walked into the small bathroom and walked out of the room. After taking a shower with hot water, he jumped onto the bed naked, waved his hand to summon a whirlwind, and rolled up the scale belt that was thrown on the soft chair beside the bed into his hand.
Shaking off his belt to reveal the true face of his divine kingdom, God Wu Li gently rubbed it with his hands. After a while, soft colored stones like jelly appeared in his palms.
/Leaning on the soft goose feather pillow at the head of the bed, he held the five-color stone in front of his eyes, facing the bright moonlight, and secretly thought, “The ancestor goddess Nuwa used 36,500 five-color sacred stones to repair all the barriers of the ‘Great Thousand Worlds'” , which means that an average of thirty-six and a half stones can be used to rebuild a ‘world’ barrier.
However, it took me a total of 406 five-color stones to repair ten world barriers, and the average consumption was ten more than hers. One-third stronger.
However, according to the evolutionary level of Nuwa Ancestral God and I, and the activity level of the divine Ao limbs used, this increase in consumption is a matter of course. Inferring from this, the remaining 421 five-color divine stones, My ideal is to recast the barriers of ten more ‘worlds’.
Ten plus eleven, the number of worlds that can be expected to be conquered is twenty-one, which is the same as when the Tatedu civilization was at its strongest, and it can be completely eliminated. Defense, this kind of power is enough to deter the Atlanteans…” Thinking of this, a faint smile appeared on the corners of God Wu Li’s lips.
But then his smile slowly faded, and he took back the five-color sacred stone in his hand to the Kingdom of God. He lay down on the bed, closed his eyes, and murmured to himself: “But look for ten more worlds similar to those occupied by ‘Tatedu’ How could it be possible for the perfect prey?
And in the past two years, the ‘world’ shrouded in my glory has incredibly increased from one to eleven. The most pious priestly class accumulated in the ‘Wuli World’ in nearly ten years has been completely