luck, was forced to take a gamble!

luck, was forced to take a gamble!
After losing, he spat hard and admitted that he was unlucky. Anyway, he didn’t have any real losses!
But the bet was won.
Wang Ning grabbed the T-virus container tightly, stared at the faint blue light quietly, and then stabbed it hard on his arm!
“I don’t know the year, I don’t know the month, I don’t know the sun, I don’t know the place, I don’t know the weather, about 12:30 noon.” ”
A very, very strange experience. I can’t describe it in my words. I was supposed to go to Shuimu University It was reported, but the moment I entered the gate of Shuimu University, I seemed to have fallen. Then, when I woke up, I came here. A weird and weird self-proclaimed ‘terrible college’, is it a university?” ”
According to those The teaching assistant who calls himself a senior said that the university here does not teach English or Chinese, nor does it teach anything you learned in school before. Here, what you have to learn is to survive in different scene worlds. You have to learn to hide Myself, you have to learn to be indifferent and cruel, you have to learn to kill people without blinking an eye. No matter what you think, I think this is not a university at all, but a ‘hunter school’. No, it is even better than the one I have been in before. Hunter School is cruel, dark, and terrifying!”
“However, it is also very magical here! You can exchange learning points for various abilities. It is simply unbelievable. What did I see? ? Miraculous bloodline enhancement, werewolf bloodline, vampire bloodline, superhuman bloodline, Super Saiyan bloodline, as well as various Chinese cultivation techniques, magical weapons, witchcraft and Gu, all of which previously only appeared in myths and legends, are all real here Real existence! This is simply crazy!!”
“Here, the art of survival may be displayed vividly and exquisitely!” ”
It’s like Wang killed Yin for the T virus in “Resident Evil”. And Yin seems to be more skilled, and he comes to scheme against the king.”
“So, what about me? What should I do in order to survive?”
“That’s a question.”
/“But come on, Li Shuangmu! You are Li The young master of the family is the successor of the family who has been trained by the elders for 20 years. The elders have spent countless efforts on you. On your shoulders, you carry the hope of revitalizing a declining family.” “You
must Cheer up.”
“No matter what, live on! If you live on, you will become stronger and stronger, even I can’t even imagine it.” ”
I believe that when you receive the ‘graduation certificate’, you will become stronger and stronger. When you stand in front of the elders, the Li family will regain its former glory because of your return, and even ”
A bullet flew out.
A flying bird fell from a high altitude.
Here is the space created by Zeng Fei, with mountains, water, grass, trees, and 100 ordinary birds and animals that he exchanged for 50 learning points.
The qualities of a qualified soldier are vividly and exquisitely displayed