d pick who entered the league with Sun Hao.

d pick who entered the league with Sun Hao.
When he was in Dallas, he and Sun Hao were tit for tat, and then Sun Hao took away the time that belonged to him.
After arriving with the Wizards, he finally found his position, and now he is holding his breath just to guard against Sun Hao.
He failed in the first two away games, and now that he is back at home, he has to prove himself in front of the home fans.
Sun Hao didn’t know that Alexander had so much on his mind.
He didn’t have time to pay attention to that. There wasn’t much attack time. All he thought about was how to score the ball.
He tried to shake continuously, but Alexander was not shaken away. The latter’s defense has made great progress in the past two years.
However, as soon as Sun Hao looked at the frame, he jumped out.
/Sun Hao’s shooting, especially after entering the Western Conference Finals, has reached another level, and the defender does not dare to give him any space.
Sun Hao suddenly lowered his head and rushed past him with accelerating speed!
After the shooting threat has increased, his current style of play is also very smart!
When he broke into the free throw line and saw Yao Ming coming out, Sun Hao chose a throw on the fly.
But at the moment he took off, he caught a glimpse of someone behind him trying to block the shot.
This guy didn’t give up his defense after being squeezed by him, and chased after him to cover him!
There was a direct physical confrontation between the two in the air, but Sun Hao showed off his small steel cannon attributes and was surprised not to be hit.
Watching this scene, a gif of Jordan maintaining his balance in the air while being hit during a layup immediately appeared in people’s minds.
The referee’s whistle sounded, but Sun Hao still threw the ball steadily in the air.
The ball fell hollowly into the bag.
Sun Hao scored this throw in an extremely tough way!
Moreover, it’s still 2+1!
There was an uproar.
In the commentary box, Cole’s mouth dropped in shock.
What Sun Hao didn’t know was what he did.
Yao Ming started the game with the main attack, and Jordan came out strong in the second half. This is the Wizards’ winning formula.
Or in other words, theoretically, the Wizards should be able to win the game with this change.
Sun Hao’s opening performance vividly explained what a surprise is!
Although he was caught off guard at the beginning, after Sun Hao also scored an extra penalty, the score on the court was 6 to 5!
The Mavericks’ performance against the headwind was more eye-catching than the previous two games.
Sun Hao personally scored 6 points to help the Mavericks take the lead!
Yao Ming singled out Dampier in the frontcourt, but this time his shot missed.
After all, this is just the second-year Yao Ming, and it is impossible to hit him as accurately as he did in his peak years.
Bodiloga recovered a defensive rebound, and the Mavericks directly launched a defensive counterattack.
Sun Hao received