. Zhang. I hope you drink it.” I’m used to it.”

. Zhang. I hope you drink it.” I’m used to it.”
“It doesn’t matter, Miss Captain, I can drink the coffee no matter how bitter it is.” Zhang Lisheng took the coffee and took a big sip, shrugging.
“Okay, let’s get started.” Looking at the young man’s indifferent expression, Alison smiled again and suddenly asked: “Dr. Zhang, just now you mentioned the name of the only remaining indigenous tribe on ‘Hai Xia B1 Island’ It’s called ‘Wu Li’. Did you call it this name a long time ago or did you change it?”
This question seemed extremely baffling, but Zhang Lisheng’s pupils suddenly shrank when he heard it. After considering it for a moment, he answered half-truthfully: “This It’s a changed name.
The name of the previous native tribe was pronounced ‘Tudenan’. After ruling the entire island of ‘Sea Shrimp B1 Island’, their guardian ‘spirits’, the real ‘earth gods’, took over the tribe. His name was changed to his own name, ‘Wu Li’.”
/“Oh, so there is a syllable in the name of the Earth God that is pronounced ‘Li’ like yours, right?” ”
I don’t know that. Note that the syllable in his name may be pronounced as ‘Li’ or ‘Li’, or it may be pronounced as ‘Li’ like mine, who knows.” Zhang Lisheng thought for a while and answered cleverly.
“That’s right, even if the names of people in different countries on the earth are all transliterated, let alone in different ‘worlds’,” Alison nodded in approval and said, “But even if your name and that of the earth god have different pronunciations, there is one thing that is the same. , that is, they have mastered abilities that are far beyond ordinary people, and can easily crush the razor-like sand and gravel on the beach of the “Ocean Shrimp World No. 2”; alone, they can walk hundreds of miles in the primitive jungle of the “different world” that is full of dangers. Kilometers of distance.”
Another way of describing the ability that is far beyond ordinary people can be explained as supernatural power. The female officer’s questions are full of traps. Once Zhang Lisheng makes a mistake, under her repeated questioning, it is very likely that You will lose your biggest trump card, your identity as an ordinary earthling.
As long as the young man is an ordinary earthling, other derived identities such as a billionaire, a generous political donor, a genius biologist, etc. can fully protect him from any “powerful agencies” in the United States.
And if Zhang Lisheng loses his identity as an ordinary earthling and becomes a different ‘alien’, then his wealth and power on the earth will inevitably be greatly reduced or even completely ineffective.
Facing Alison’s ‘gentle advances’, the young man seemed careless, but in fact he had already paid full attention. After a moment of silence, he smiled and said: “Miss Officer, the power I have seems incredible to you African Americans, but if If you ask Chinese people, as long as they grew up in China, most of them will understand that it is actually a kind of use of ‘qi’.
It’s like the deceased Chinese kung fu superstar (Bruce Lee) wh