lk. Pour every drop into his stomach.

lk. Pour every drop into his stomach.
Wang Bo held the coconut milk can in his mouth and transformed into a gibbon. He grabbed the pebbles protruding from the concrete slope, climbed up the embankment in twos and fives, returned to the van along the way, opened the back door, and poured the water from the white twenty-liter plastic bucket. Put half a can of white wine in the coconut milk can. Wang Bo’s stepfather Wang Jichang used to drink, and he would always use drink bottles to hit the store. Later, as the economic conditions at home improved, I switched from shotgun to cannon. I used the 20-liter plastic barrels that used to contain vegetable oil at home to go to the “Longxing Winery” in Hualongqiao for wholesale. I batched 20 liters at a time and took it home slowly. Drink slowly.
Pour the wine, close the car door, and return the way you came.
Wang Bo didn’t know whether he should get a sprained foot or not, because he had never had a sprained foot in his previous life and so far in this life, and had no experience in this area at all. All I can think of is cold compress. It is best to use ice as a cold compress to slow down the blood circulation and avoid blood vessels in the ankle swelling caused by rupture and bleeding. The blood in the blood vessels will accelerate and accumulate in the affected area, causing the ankle to become more swollen. But Wang Bo doesn’t have ice now, so he can only use more volatile liquor instead.
/Wang Bo poured the 52-degree liquor from the coconut milk can onto Zhang Jing’s right ankle, which was already obviously swollen. After a minute or two, he fell down again, and repeated this three times. It was not until Wang Bo touched Zhang Jing’s ankle with his hand and found that the entire ankle was cold that he gave up.
“Jingjing, I won’t wear shoes and socks for the time being. It may be a bit cold, please bear with it. A cool cooling should be beneficial to swelling and other injuries.” Wang Bo said to Zhang Jing. Seal Zhang Jing’s shoes and socks with the unused alcohol in a food bag and put them in a separate plastic bag.
“Yeah!” Zhang Jing nodded.
The road cannot be continued. Wang Bo looked at the “oasis” in the center of the river dam, which was about 150 meters away from where he and Zhang Jing were standing. After thinking about it, it shouldn’t be a problem.
He asked Zhang Jing to carry two plastic bags containing food and newspapers, as well as three plastic bags containing shoes, socks and alcohol, one on the left and one on the right, and hung the guitar in front of him. Wang Bo turned around, squatted down, and rushed behind him with a surprised look on his face. Zhang Jing said: “Jingjing, you can’t use your feet today, I’ll carry you.” ”
Brother Bo, I, I can walk over. My feet no longer hurt.” Zhang Jing instinctively understood Wang Bo’s thoughts of rejection. Holding hands with Wang Bo or even being hugged by him, Zhang Jing felt it was okay as long as no one saw her. However, lying on Wang Bo’s back and letting him carry her made the little girl