le to yours.”

le to yours.”
Sun Hao then replied.
/After he finished speaking, he heard Scarlett’s happy laughter.
Women, they all like to hear these things from men.
But soon, Sun Hao felt that what he said was worth it.
Because he realized what Scarlett meant when she said be happy.
It just hurts a little.
Scarlett doesn’t seem to know how.
More than half an hour later, Scarlett lay back down again.
Sun Hao was indeed much happier.
“Is this okay?”
Sun Hao asked tentatively.
He knew Scarlett was underage.
“It’s okay now, but something will happen if you touch me.”
Scarlett said with a naughty smile.
Sun Hao coughed for a while.
This thing is divided into objects.
But it seems to be the same.
After being happy, he also entered the Sage Time, and fell asleep within a short while holding Scarlett.
He slept through the whole night, and Scarlett was still asleep when Sun Hao woke up.
Sun Hao got up quietly and made breakfast for Scarlett.
Although Sun Hao has not made breakfast since Cecilia arrived, his craftsmanship is still there.
And thinking back on what happened last night, Scarlett must have been jealous.
But he enjoyed it, and Scarlett did the hard work.
This breakfast must be done with care.
Cut a ham sausage into two halves in the middle. Do not cut it off, but form it into a heart shape. Then use a toothpick to insert the other end.
The next step is to put it into the pot, start the fire and burn the oil, and pour the eggs when the temperature is almost the same.
Pour it carefully and the egg yolk cannot be damaged.
Looking at the omelette gradually forming in the pot, Sun Hao’s sense of success was comparable to the previous score of 58 points.
Slowly, he realized what it was like to be in love.
Grind two more cups of soy milk and your breakfast is complete.
Don’t ask him why it’s soy milk and not cow’s milk, Cecilia said he needs to drink soy products now.
While waiting for breakfast last night, Sun Hao was going to go upstairs to call Scarlett.
As a result, Scarlett was already washing and putting on makeup when she went up.
Looking at Scarlett in the mirror, Sun Hao felt that Scarlett was probably the most beautiful at this time.
The skin of European and American women ages faster than that of domestic women as they age, but it is not much different when they are young.
But when you are young, you only care about appearance when you are in love. When you get older, love at that time is about getting along.
Scarlett saw Sun Hao looking at her through the mirror, and couldn’t help but laugh.
She put down the lipstick in her hand, walked to Sun Hao, smiled and pulled him down to kiss him.
Sun Hao’s hands became restless.
Scarlett made a muffled sound, but when Sun Hao wanted to go one step further.
Scarlett smiled and took his hand away.
Sun Hao also knew that there was nothing he could do, but he just looked at Scarlett.
/It’s obviously a girlfriend, but this life is really difficult.
I can only blame Scarlett for being too precoci