car. Santana, who was walking alongside the rickshaw, also stopped.

car. Santana, who was walking alongside the rickshaw, also stopped.
“Wenjin, let’s take our car and leave.” Du Jing shouted to Cheng Wenjin again, with enthusiasm on her face.
“Xiao Chen, let’s take our car and go faster.” Du Jing’s man sitting in the driver’s seat also called Cheng Wenjin to get in the car, “Bobo, quickly open the door for Aunt Cheng.” Du Jing’s man called again A fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy sitting in the back row, who was immersed in playing Tetris on a handheld console, opened the door for Cheng Wenjin.
“Wait a minute, Dad, didn’t you see that I was finishing the level? I’m going to die, I’m going to die. It’s all your fault for influencing me. It’s so annoying. I finally reached level 15,” the boy muttered. There was annoyance and blame on his face, but he did not move in response to his old man’s shouts. He continued to hold the handheld device in his hand and immersed himself in fighting.
Du Jing’s man, whose surname is Li, is in the timber business. I heard that he has made a lot of money in recent years. Faced with the attentiveness of Du Jing and his wife, Cheng Wenjin originally planned to get out of the car and give him a ride, but the unmoved performance of his son made her immediately change her mind and continued to wave her hand and said: “Brother Li, Sister Du , It’s really not necessary. You go first. We only have a few minutes.” After saying that, he said to the rickshaw master in front of him, “Let’s go, master.”
/“I want it!” The rickshaw master exerted all his strength and quickly gave way again. His tricycle started turning quickly.
Du Jing’s man Li Bo stepped on the accelerator, and the red Santana was like an arrow, quickly surpassing the human-powered three-wheeler Cheng Wenjin was sitting on. After he passed the other party, Li Bo spoke in a joking tone: “Cheng Wenjin from your unit really has a lot of personality?! Even my Santana looks down on him.” As he spoke, he kept raising his eyelids, and after passing He glanced through the mirror at the three-wheeled vehicle behind the family. Sitting there was the most beautiful and elegant woman from the Quartet government unit.
Liu Zhiji circled around again, and after toasting several leaders who were one or more ranks above him, he hurried towards the dining table where the library employees were sitting, wanting to see the person who had finally broken the law after being forced by him. What kind of state is this woman in?
The enthusiasm on Du Jing’s face had long since disappeared, turning into a look of contempt and disdain. “What a filthy personality! You’re just being prude!”
/“Is Cheng Wenjin very arrogant in your unit?”
“Hmph! It’s not just in our unit! Who in the various agencies, big and small, doesn’t know that she’s dragging her butt up to the sky? But what’s the use of dragging it up to the sky? It’s not just about drinking the northwest wind!” Du Jing sneered and said to her husband Similarly, she was also observing the woman who made countless women “envy, envy, and hate” through the re