distance, and he said in a voice that seemed to be squeezed out of the cold ice: “Xiaobo, tell me more about Xiaoya’s father.” Just for a moment. I want to know.”

distance, and he said in a voice that seemed to be squeezed out of the cold ice: “Xiaobo, tell me more about Xiaoya’s father.” Just for a moment. I want to know.”
Cheng Wenjin’s state of only crying but not crying made Wang Bo’s heart suddenly tighten. Even if Cheng Wenjin was crying and making a fuss like Liang Ya just now, beating and scolding him, He felt much better. Wang Bo walked to Cheng Wenjin, sat down next to him, and slowly told Cheng Wenjin what he saw on the cliff in the afternoon in detail, including the one he personally picked up from the white cloth that made him feel like Liang Jingquan The pair of ID cards smiled at him and told each other.
After hearing this, Cheng Wenjin shook his head and said: “He wouldn’t run towards the mountain for no reason. There is no one he knows there. There must be other reasons. Xiaobo, are you hiding something from me?” ”
Wang Bo did not dare to look directly at Cheng Wenjin and considered whether to tell him the truth. If Liang Jingquan was not dead, in his plan, sooner or later he would find a time to tell Cheng Wenjin about Liang Jingquan’s hookup with the employees of his rice noodle shop, in order to avenge the other party’s plan to catch him.
/However, the deceased was dead, and all his faults, sins, and conspiracies, including his hatred for Liang Jingquan, disappeared with the death of the other party and suddenly became insignificant. He did not want to ruin the reputation of the dead person anymore.
“No, Aunt Cheng. I’ve told you everything I know.” Wang Bo lowered his head and whispered.
“Wang Bo” a clear shout rang in Wang Bo’s ears. Wang Bo raised his head and looked at Cheng Wenjin in front of him, who already had tears streaming down his face. Cheng Wenjin stared deeply at Wang Bo’s face and said word by word, “I have the right to know all the truth about my husband’s accident; but you have no right to hide it. Tell me!”
“Aunt Cheng, I”
“Tell me!” Cheng Wenjin suddenly shouted out of control.
/“Okay, okay, Aunt Cheng, don’t worry, I promise to tell you everything, okay?” Seeing that Cheng Wenjin suddenly became excited, Wang Bo didn’t dare to hide it anymore even if he wanted to cover up the deceased. Holding Cheng Wenjin’s hand, he said hurriedly.
Next, Wang Bo spent about a quarter of an hour describing how Liang Jingquan fell in love with Jiang Mei, how he made many excuses to go to Guanghan to meet and chat with Jiang Mei, and how he resolutely decided to follow and buy Jiang Mei after he discovered that Jiang Mei had returned to her hometown yesterday. He bought a ticket to Longju, and then told Cheng Wenjin about his unfortunate death in a car accident. Even the things Liang Jingquan told Jiang Mei about slandering her in front of her and wanting to divorce her.
While talking, Wang Bo comforted himself by thinking that it would be a good idea to let Liang Jingquan, who died of infidelity, take the blame, so as to alleviate Cheng Wenjin’s burden of self-blame and self-pity. Liang Jingquan ran away from home yesterday and went t