n for this adjustment is related to the previous four-party transaction.

n for this adjustment is related to the previous four-party transaction.
It is easy to explain. If Kidd is selected this year With the All-Star Game, that means the Western Conference will suddenly have one more spot.
At that time, will Kidd continue to represent the Eastern Conference, or will the 11 players from the Eastern Conference play against the 13 players from the Western Conference, or the Eastern Conference will select two more players to enter the All-Star Game? 13 against 13.
No matter which plan is used, it is unfair to other players.
Fortunately, Kidd did not score this year, and Kobe was also sent to the Western Conference, so this trade did not really work. It will have an impact on the All-Star Game.
But it has sounded a wake-up call to the league.
/If nothing changes, the next time an All-Star player is traded during the All-Star Game, and from one division to another, then Even if the gods really come, there is nothing we can do.
Not to mention that no trade negotiations are allowed during the All-Star Game, that is simply unrealistic.
So the best solution is to advance the trade deadline .
In this way, this possibility is completely eliminated.
In addition, the league also announced another adjustment:
starting from next season, the league will no longer allow high school players to directly participate in the draft!
This is also quite news.
There are many backgrounds for what happened.
The overall success rate of high school players is low, and there is also constant pressure from the NCAA.
It may even be related to the donkey butt incident that was hyped by Barkley before but was regarded as a “laughing stock” by league officials.
In any case, it ends there for high school students to enter the NBA.
Durant thus became the last high school student No. 1 pick in NBA history!
Durant and 1086 trumpets liked this news!
This also makes this year’s All-Star Game full of gimmicks and highlights.
If nothing else, there are many stars in the casino. If you just take a few steps on the streets in the past two days, you might encounter a big star.
This situation has resulted in the arena’s security being doubled compared to previous All-Star games.
At such a moment, the two major sneaker giants Adidas and Nike are naturally indispensable.
Nike has set up a display hall of nearly 1,000 square meters at the Palm Tree Hotel where the All-Star players stay, which is very heroic.
Like kobe8, sun8 is also a generation of technological innovation.
In addition to technological innovation, special cowhide is also specially embedded in the shoes, which greatly improves the comfort of sneakers than before.
In terms of appearance design, the design of black upper and red shoe body is also quite eye-catching.
Of course, these are not the most attention-grabbing aspects of sun8.
The most eye-catching thing about this pair of shoes is the sentence on the side of the shoe:
“Become a dynasty!”
/You can understand this sentence as just a sneaker promotion slogan of Ad